Advantages of Rocket Mobile Banking

The first mobile banking in Bangladesh, the current financial transaction medium by Dutch Bangla Bank is known as Rocket Account. Rocket is one of the most popular banking institutions in Bangladesh, the name of Dutch-Bangla Bank’s own mobile banking service. Using Rocket Mobile Banking, customers will be able to access all the digital services of Mobile Banking.
Rocket’s previous name was Dutch Bangla Bank Mobile Banking. Although Dutch Bangla Bank launched mobile banking in 2011, it was renamed Rocket in 2016. Dutch Bangla Bank brings the first digital banking service of mobile banking in Bangladesh. Rocket Mobile Banking is a secure financial transaction system. Rockets use USSD or SMS + IVR as their transaction technology.

Advantages of rocket use


You can open a Rocket account with Rocket Agent or Customer. However, to open a Rocket account, you need to go to the agent or customer service with some necessary documents. You can also easily open a Rocket Mobile Banking Account through Rocket Apps at your home or at an Agent Point with a National Identity Card. You will not need any money to open Rocket Mobile Banking. You can start your transaction as soon as you open an account.


Advantages of Rocket Mobile Banking


While Rocket first provided cash in, cash out and transfer services at the time of its launch, Rocket has now added many more advanced services to their mobile banking system.
* One of the digital services that Rocket offers to its customers is: – Bill Payment, Online Payment, Cash In, Cash Out, ATM Cash Out, Money Transfer, etc. Today’s report will discuss in detail all the issues including the benefits of Rocket Mobile Banking or Rocket Account.
It is therefore requested to read the full report to know more about Rocket Mobile Banking.
* Rocket Mobile Banking offers maximum benefits to their customers. Due to which the number of Rocket subscribers is increasing at a faster rate than other mobile banking companies.

* In case of any problem in the use of Rocket, the customer can receive service from Rocket Customer Care at any time.
Rocket Customer Care is open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
The advantages of Rocket Account are discussed below: –

Rocket Mobile Banking Facilities: –

1. Cash in.
2. Cash out.
3. Merchant payment.
4. Utility bill payment.
5. Paying salaries.
. Remittance transfer.
. Mobile balance recharge.
. Money transfer.
9. Payment of allowances.
10. Withdrawing money from ATM etc.



Cash in: Rocket does not require any help to cash in the customer’s number. The agent will cash in the amount of money that the customer wants to cash in, in this case no charge will be required. In this case, a customer can receive a maximum of 30 thousand rupees per day on his own number.

Cash out: – Cash out charge is lowest in Rocket. Rocket can be cashed out in three ways. If the customer cash out through the agent, the cash out charge is 18tk per thousand and if the customer cash out in Dutch Bangla Bank, the charge will be 9tk per thousand and if the customer cash out through the booth at Fast Track, the charge will be 9tk per thousand.

Payment of utility bills: – Various electricity bills, water bills, gas bills, internet bills, payment of educational institution fees and payment for any purchase can be made through Rocket account. In this case, all these payments can be made very easily.

Salary Payment: – Salary of employees of various government and non-government organizations is paid through Rocket Account. In this case the salary is easily transferred to the customer’s account through Dutch-Bangla Bank and the customer can cash the salary from any place in his convenient way. The medium is also very easy to keep accounts.

Remittance Receipt: – Remittance of expatriates from different countries of the world can be brought very easily through Rocket Account. For this, the expatriates residing abroad have to submit some documents to the money transfer center of that country. Then expatriates can easily send money to their families through Rocket account.

Mobile Recharge: – From Rocket account customer can easily recharge mobile to his own number or any other SIM number without any charge. In this case you can start research from a minimum of 10 rupees.

Money Transfer / Send Money: – Money transfer or send money to any rocket number from Rocket account is absolutely free. In this case, there is no charge to send money from apps or from button phone.

ATM Booth / Fast Track: – Rocket Mobile Banking customers have 24 hours cash out facility seven days a week through ATM Booth. So customers can easily cash out through ATM booths anywhere at any time.


What is Rocket Mobile Banking Limit?

Cash-in limit

Daily cash-in limit: – Maximum 5 times, maximum 30 thousand rupees
Monthly cash-in limit: – Maximum 25 times, maximum 2 lakh rupees

Cash-out limit

Daily cash-out limit: – Maximum 5 times, maximum 25 thousand rupees
Monthly cash-out limit: – Maximum 20 times, 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees

Pitupi limit

Daily = 25 thousand rupees
Monthly = 75 thousand rupees

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