What is the purpose of study? Find out why you are studying

Do we study just to get a job? If you study well, you will definitely get a job. But studying should not be limited to getting a job.
Because education is one of the means to establish oneself in the society, to adapt oneself to others, to take oneself to a higher level of development.

Purpose of study


Also, all the books that we read are written by the experience of some eminent person. So when we read that subject, our experience and the writer’s experience come together and we get a new experience, which is possible only through reading. As we study, our knowledge and experience increase.


If we study carefully for three to four hours in 24 hours throughout the day, our life will change a lot. But we have to study to acquire knowledge without keeping it in mind, we think studying is just to get a job.

But we all study for different reasons. Some study to gain knowledge, some study just to get a degree, and some study in the hope of getting a good job. However, through this post we will be able to know what is the real purpose of study or why it should be studied.

For self improvement


If you want to take yourself to a better position than the current position then there is no alternative to study. In order to make your future life beautiful, you have to have enough idea about it in any situation to make your own decision. So it is very important to study a lot to gain enough knowledge and experience.


To increase the power of thought or imagination


Reading helps us to develop our thinking and imagination. By knowing or learning something we can think and imagine something new. New thoughts and ideas help us to give new directions. It makes it easier for us to take the right plan of life. And so many new discoveries in science but the fruit of the power of thought and imagination. So we should study a lot.


Gaining experience from others: –

Man is the best creature of creation. And every human experience is different. If we want to have different experiences, we have to read books of different people or mix with different people for education. In order to make yourself experienced in various subjects, you need to gain experience from others and the only way to gain this experience is to study more and more.


To be smart


Man’s smartness is manifested in his speech and mannerisms. The more you study, the more beautiful words, tasteful vocabulary and knowledge will increase. The present age is the age of competition, so to move forward in this competition you have to be smart and there is no alternative to study to be smart.

For the sake of entertainment


Many people do not think that it is necessary to study for the sake of entertainment. Because if you don’t study the means that are available to entertain people nowadays, you can get them. But if we want to get the right entertainment, we have to choose which entertainment we will take and we will need to study to acquire this choice. Because entertainment is not just for entertainment, the judgment of how good or bad it is for our life can be understood only by acquiring knowledge through study.
To improve communication skills: – Skills are required for a successful communication. When we acquire knowledge and experience through education, we will be able to communicate with each other in a beautiful and fluent way so that our communication with each other will be successful. As well as gaining knowledge and experience, we will be able to communicate accordingly by knowing the communication skills.


Increase feeling power

Studying enhances our intellect and comprehension. So how do we behave in any environment? We can understand where it is not right to behave and use our talents accordingly.
To make one’s opinion acceptable to others: – We all want our opinion to be acceptable to others. But in order to make our opinions acceptable to others, we must have the ability to speak and reason. And to acquire this skill we need to study a lot. When we have the ability to reason with our arguments, our opinions will be easily accepted by others.


Children’s education

Every child is the future of the future. Hence the right of her children to grow up well. Children’s primary education begins with their own families. Especially the child’s education starts from his mother. Many parents have to deal with various problems at the beginning of learning of some children. Many children are not interested in studying. As a result, parents often get frustrated with their child’s education. Teaching a child can be done very easily by working on some tricks without getting frustrated about teaching or teaching the child.

There are still many families in our society where the education of parents is very low. And for that they are afraid to sit down to read with their children. But if that doesn’t happen, we need to remember that the child’s first teacher is his parents. This age of modern technology is so advanced that various applications have been created for children’s reading.
We are children using our skills and experience

We can arrange for happy study. There are many such books that parents can read and teach their children.

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